Summer LINK 5th-6th Grade

Summer LINK Camp for 6th-9th grade

We give every student an opportunity to lead in our summer camps!

Summer LINK (Virtual and In-Person options)
Get ready for an adventure that will launch you on your leadership journey, inspire you to go after big goals, nourish your mind with positivity, and kindle a community of like-minded dreamers and doers.

Each day has a special theme, all designed to help you discover your passion and begin living into your dreams in the present, not the far off future. We'll have Passion Projects for you to get hands-on experience in the field of your choice!

Summer LINK (6th-9th grade)

June 29th-July 3rd

Incoming 6th-9th grade

8:00 am-12:00 pm

Passion Projects during June 29-July 3rd


Medical (Virtual Options Available)

Get ready to explore medicine and how to go beyond the
science to deliver the BEST care! Students will get to work collaboratively to solve problems, immerse themselves in science, and deliver the highest degree of quality care.

Fashion (Virtual Options available)

We'll learn the basics of sewing, styling, and learn about fashion that can be functional and fun. This group will also get to work on a community service project making masks for those that need one!

Note: Virtual students will need to have their own sewing machine, but we will supply the rest of the supplies.


Do you love being active? This passion project will focus on the key aspects of a triathlon: biking, running, swimming, and nutrition. Your student will get to meet other athletes who will challenge them to do more than they ever thought possible. #anythingispossible


Learn about the right of free speech, the fundamentals of journalism and mass communication in a fun and team-oriented experience tailored to the interests of the group. Self-expression skillsets explored include broadcasting, news reporting, editorial commentary, photography, documentary, sarcasm and lampooning.


Have you ever grown your own food? At the Loveworks Center, we have a GIANT garden for all those that want to get their hands dirty, work hard, and feel accomplished because of the bountiful harvest you'll get to enjoy! We'll have some culinary aspects a part of this Passion Project as well.


Have you ever tinkered on an invention idea or dreamed of appearing on Shark Tank? Do you wish you had the skills for your babysitting, lawn care, or slime business to make more money and help more people? Business Boot Up is an entrepreneurial experience just for you! You'll learn all the basics of business and meet great entrepreneurs as you build your own business from scratch!


Measure twice, cut once! Students will learn the skills (and safety guidelines!) of woodworking by crafting their own projects and learning handy skills to use in the house!

Robotics: Roving Through Real Life (Virtual Options available)

When most people think of robots, they think of characters like R2D2, but robots exist in infinite shapes and sizes. Learn some coding basics and problem-solving skills, while gaining an understanding for how robotics can be used to help people in fields from music or healthcare to environmental science.

Note: Students attending virtually will not be able to use physical robots, they will still be able to learn coding through a great online simulator and participate in discussions with activities that correspond to each day’s theme.
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