A Youth Entrepreneurship Initiative

The Loveworks Business Start-up Program is an initiative and community built to support innovation and creativity in young entrepreneurs around the country. We’ll provide the opportunities, mentors, skills, and resources so your student can experience real-life business and entrepreneurship. All you need is grit, determination, and a BIG Dream!

Our goals here are pretty simple. 🎯

1. Find budding entrepreneurs, ages 8-15, with a business idea and help them get “market-ready.” 
2. Get them to the Norman Farmer’s Market for their first public sales!
3. Give opportunities for real-life application in Entrepreneurship

We’ll help you with your product/service development, budgeting, marketing, and help you deliver a dynamic pitch for future customers and investors. There’s no standard formula for making these things happen, so we’ll work with each company individually to better understand your needs. 

How do you start? First, apply and then submit a 60-90 second video about yourself and your company idea. From there, we’ll have our Virtual Pitch Event and you can meet all the applicants for your round. 

Applications are open for Cohort #6!

Apply below and submit your video by October 28th, 2021.

Example Pitch Videos:

After you apply, we’ll send you an email with more information on what you’ll need for the pitch video. Check our FAQs below for answers to common questions.

Loveworks Leadership is a youth leadership organization committed to helping middle school students discover their potential and live into their dreams.  Through mentorship and hands-on activities, the programs are designed to help students make positive life choices, discover career paths, and set them on a trajectory for personal success.

In 2016, Loveworks launched its first kid-run business, REAL Kitchen. The business idea was born when a middle-school career interest initiative suggested the secret salsa recipe from a volunteer chef would make for a tasty product. What a tasty mash-up! 

It was a perfect pairing! We thought people everywhere would love this fresh spin on their favorite snack. The team worked hard to test, batch, and produce the first rounds of salsa products. Just in time to bring-to-market at the Norman Farmers Market. Their first sales of fresh salsa gave the team a craving for more. Over the years many professional mentors have worked alongside teams of middle-school students to teach them how to sell, market, run the financials, and expand the growing business. REAL Kitchen salsas are available in fresh and shelf stable versions with more than five zesty flavors, for sale in grocery stores across the OKC MetroPlex. 

 Hundreds of students have been inspired by REAL Kitchen to start their own businesses.

In 2018, fate would have it that another group of students would launch out to form another budding business. These students were participating in Loveworks Afterschool Leadership programs, when they began dreaming about what it would be like to start a Silicon Valley Tech start-up in Norman, Oklahoma? 

This dream, with the partnership of Trifecta Communications, launched another kid-run business, Wrist World. These students learned the industry of augmented reality; working with mentors and professionals to learn art, design, marketing, coding, and game development. They combined technology with the accessibility of plastic slap bands to bring their product to life.

The team had the opportunity to travel to the Chicago Toy Fair, and went on to make history by being the first minors to represent their product on the floor of the New York International ToyFair; presenting to buyers from Hasbro, Apple, Amazon, Nintendo, and other Fortune 500 companies. 

Seeking a way to carve an even larger niche in their industry, the team landed a licensing contract with virtual Japanese popstar Hatsune Miku. Their big sales break occurred with a distribution deal with On-Cue and the Wrist World product is available for purchase in stores across Oklahoma, Amazon, Walmart.com, and Etsy. 

With each jar of salsa and Wrist band sold, other kids around the world are being given hope that their big dream can come true. 

Loveworks’ next big dream is to launch Oklahoma’s first program for kids that melds the good things of education with real world business and entrepreneurship experiences.  

Dreams do come true here!  


Check out this video from one of our alumni companies, Wristworld. These students began their journey 2 years ago, now their product is sold in stores in Oklahoma and online everywhere!

REAL Kitchen

Real Kitchen is one of our Alumni companies. They make several varieties of fresh salsa and are sold locally at supermarkets around the state! Watch this video to learn more about their journey.

Frequently asked Questions

What exactly is this program?

The program will look different for each student, but our goal will always be to help them bring their idea to market. We help students solidify and fortify their product/service, budget, marketing strategy, and their sales pitch. Student’s first milestone will be getting their business ready for the Norman Farmers Market.

How much time is required of our student and family?

Each cohort will have 5 meetings, 2 virtually and 3 in-person with our coaches and all students. These meetings are on Mondays from 6:00 pm-7:00 pm with a schedule to be released for each cohort, but the majority of making your business happens in between the calls as you work on your business and schedule individual, specialized meetings with your business coaches. It will depend on how much of your business has already been developed, but be prepared to invest a few hours each week and energy from the student and parental side to make it happen!

How much does this cost?

We don’t require a membership cost at this time, but if you are interested in making a donation to our organization, every amount means reaching more young entrepreneurs! Click here to donate.

How do I sign up?

It’s easy! Click the sign up button above to begin filling out our application. There, you’ll get more information on the requirements for the pitch video and next steps!

Who can participate?

Pretty much anyone! We’ve built this program to support students as young as 8 years old all the way through middle school.

What is the deadline?

  • Apply by October 28th to be considered for the next cohort of students.