In-person programming at the Loveworks Center
151 12th Ave, SE, Suite 100
Norman, OK 73071
For 6th-8th grade students in virtual, blended, or homeschool learning.
We focus on leadership, personal growth, communication skills, and career-readiness.

Spots Limited!

Are you ready for an opportunity to lead?

Check out a sample schedule:

8:00 am       Arrival and Rise up morning routine
9:00 am       Personal growth development
10:00 am     Project-based learning
11:00 am     Group activities/Mentor groups
11:30 am     Lunch
12:00 pm     Pick-up


Junior Leader Institute is offered at $132 to help offset the cost of the program. Payment is not due until after you application is approved. Scholarships are available. Download and fill out the form, then email the scholarship form to


Contact Associate Director Carolyn Le at or (405) 431-0442.


  1. Will masks be required?
    • Masks/face coverings will be required/provided for any person inside the Loveworks Center. If there is a field trip, students will be asked to wear masks in public spaces.
  2. How many students will be in the Junior Leader Institute?
    • 18 students will be admitted during our first enrollment. Overall building occupancy will be limited to 50.
  3. What kind of collaborations will you have?
    • We’re excited to work with the Dream Big Academy curriculum and StrengthsExplorers this fall, but that’s just a sampling!
  4. What about the ball pit?
    • Until our students invent a ball pit cleaner, unfortunately, our ball pit will be closed for the time-being. 🙁
  5. Will there be snacks?
    • Always. 🙂