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Are you ready for an opportunity to lead?

At Home Leadership is a way for students to discover their leadership qualities digitally while engaging the creative senses, teaching character and leadership lessons, and offering a way for kids to connect over meaningful conversation.

Recommended for ages 11-17, great for any age accompanied with an adult.

"We were heartbroken when Loveworks Leadership had to go on hiatus for the COVID-19 pandemic. Hannah, our 11 year old daughter, has really grown this year in her confidence, desire to help others and the idea of finding her passion.  During the start of the break, I was wondering how could I continue to foster these attributes she was developing but was unsure where to start. Then LINK with Loveworks was announced and we were excited for so many reasons! Most notably was the continuation of the leadership skill-building type lessons we were used to on a weekly basis. The first week was on HOPE! What a timely message that was in the historic times we are facing. I love the curated content and how it lead Hannah to think on hope. I appreciate the thought-provoking questions that are posed and the fact that Hannah genuinely desires to complete the weekly lessons. As a parent, knowing my daughter has a safe place to discuss and share the content she is absorbing is encouraging! We have shared this program with everyone we know and will continue to shout it from the rooftops!"- April, Parent 

Digital leadership programs are provided free-of-charge because of generous support of people who believe in giving every student an opportunity to lead.

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