Check out these stories of real-life impact and change from our students, parents and community partners. These testimonies come from just a few of the many lives that have been positively influenced. You can also check out our outcomes in Annual Report below!




Julia is a 7th grade student with a talent in art and a heart to teach. She pursued a role in our program usually led by an adult...a Concept leader! We were overjoyed to see her grow into this leadership role! Julia made strokes teaching art techniques to her peers in a 6 week experience including sketching, painting, and more!

"Because of Loveworks, I have stopped hiding my talents and started being creative and being myself."


Patrick is a high school student that has been involved with Loveworks since he was in middle school. We’ve seen him grow in both height and leadership as he takes on more and more responsibility as a high school program participant and volunteer. He’s been leading his peers and was crucial in the planning and execution of the 2016 Summer Leadership Camp. We couldn’t be more proud of this young man who has decided to give back to those that are younger him and develops as a leader himself.

"When I began Loveworks I was shy, mean, arrogant. I didn't know who I was to suppose to be because I didn't really have a father figure, but Loveworks gave me one through male mentors. Now getting the opportunity to help other kids in truly a great feeling. Loveworks has truly changed my life."


Precious was one of the first students to be a part of Loveworks in 2011! She’s grown leaps and bounds since in many areas of her life, becoming a wonderful, young woman with ambition and courage. As a high school program participant and volunteer, Precious will regularly lead dinner service and help create the environment for the family dinner Loveworks has each evening.

"I was always shy before Loveworks stepped into my life 5 years ago. It has been a great impact on me, and now I am bold and unafraid to step in and help people in my own ways.”




"I would like to say that Mr. D has made such an impact on Henry’s life by taking the time to get to know him and letting him know through action not just words that he cares and open doors and opportunities for him and allowing him room to make mistakes and then guiding him in the right direction. Henry says he feels stronger now from being in Loveworks and he is aware of his role and responsibility to do the right thing, and to represent Loveworks well he also looks up to his sister Precious and he know that Loveworks means a great deal to her and he doesn't want to embarrass her in any way. My son is more positive, energized, happy, motivated, and creative, inspired that he can accomplish anything."


"Loveworks has been invaluable in the life of my daughter and our family. From the time that Nola first went to the Loveworks summer program after her 5th grade year through the end of the after-school program in her 6th grade year, she blossomed from a timid child into an assertive young lady. She's assured. She does not doubt herself but instead believes she is capable of anything she puts her mind to. She puts herself out into the world and tries new things. This is 100 percent because of D Smith, the Loveworks family and their investment in my daughter. There she is treated like an individual and appreciated for each of her unique qualities. She's listened to and understood. Loveworks is a tribe in which she is an active, engaged and proud member.

Nola comes home from Loveworks energized, centered and assured. Before she would come home drained, defiant and angry. It has made such a difference in her life and ours. We are endlessly grateful for Loveworks."


"Trent did a beautiful solo during his choir competition this semester. He has an amazing voice that he is just now finding and trying out! I think the confidence he has gained at Loveworks and amongst his peers there has allowed him to step outside of his comfort zone and really excel in many areas of his life!"




"We are entering into desperate times in education. With each passing year it is becoming increasingly more difficult to reach kids emotionally and influence their future in a meaningful way. Loveworks is the FIRST initiative I have come across in my 24 years in education that builds a positive bridge between adults and students."

Kevin Williams
Director of Bands
Western Heights Public Schools-OKC


"I have so many wonderful things to say about the Loveworks Before School Leadership Program! Loveworks' Before School Program gave my students a unique opportunity to begin to learn leadership skills, develop their unique talents and grow into successful students in order to reach their full potential. This hands-on experience allowed our students to see that they are never too young to be a leader. At the completion of the Before School Leadership Program, our students left feeling empowered to make a difference and motivated to be the difference our world needs. This program is something that is currently missing in most elementary schools. As we know, social and emotional development is absolutely a necessary component for all students and Loveworks hits the nail on the head with this program. I cannot thank Loveworks enough for being so lovingly dedicated to the success, growth and development of students in Norman, Oklahoma!"

Sarah Kirk
Monroe Elementary School


"I have always disagreed with the negative people of how bad our world will get and how they have lost hope for our future. The only way to better our future begins with THE future, the students, the kids, the next generations. Loveworks is THAT team to throw the counter jab against those who are losing hope for our future and I am blessed to have found a team that I can be a part of as a volunteer who is fully devoted to impact the lives of young students that will better our world."

Josh Menchaca
Electrical Engineer

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2018 Annual Report

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