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Western Heights, OKC

In January 2017, Loveworks Leadership expanded into the Western Heights School District, reaching 5th and 6th grade students at Bridgestone Intermediate School and 7th and 8th grade students at Western Heights Middle School.

In partnership with key community supporters, Loveworks Afterschool Leadership is a program that focuses on leadership and character development, experiential learning, and community impact.

Four days a week volunteers and mentors facilitate groups, games, and conversations. Each student receives personalized attention, while participating in specialized projects involving local artists and community professionals. Experiential learning projects are geared towards developing skill sets within the students and broadening their awareness to cultural diversity.

Interested in applying for Loveworks Leadership Afterschool program?
That rocks! Here’s some more information you’ll need to know….

Can I apply for Loveworks Afterschool Leadership?

  • Are you a 5th and 6th grade student at Bridgestone Intermediate School or 7th and 8th grade student at Western Heights Middle School?
  • Do you have a desire to learn and grow in your leadership?
  • Are you interested in discovering and developing your passion?
  • Are you able to attend the program once a week?
  • Are you open to new experiences and learning alongside teams of students from a wide range of backgrounds?

If you answered YES to all these questions – YEAH! Keep reading to learn more!

*While we believe that the Loveworks programs can benefit all students, we understand not every student is in a position to function within our guidelines for participation.


It takes a village!

We know that support from parents makes a big difference:

Students and parents or guardians interested in applying for a placement in the Loveworks Afterschool Leadership program need to understand the expectations and commitment for participation.


Two-semester commitment, once-per-week attendance following the dismissal of school.

Each student is allowed 2 unexcused absences per semester, exceeding this count would remove the student from our active roster and place them on the waiting list should they wish to continue with the program. Excused absences include absences for which the student also missed school.


Commit to follow the Loveworks Code of being R.E.A.L.: Respectful, Encouraging, Appreciative, and Loving toward other students, volunteers, mentors, and staff.


Determine to make the most of the opportunity to grow at Loveworks, disconnecting from technology, and pushing yourself in your personal growth.

Ready to get started?

It is best for students to complete the application with a parent or guardian since questions are directed to both adults and students. Please allow 15-30 minutes to complete the application. We suggest that you carefully consider each question and respond in complete sentences

Due to high interest, active registration is limited in the Loveworks Afterschool Leadership program. Applications are reviewed by our staff. Determinations are made based on both content and thoroughness of the application and program space availability.

If you have any questions about Afterschool Leadership, contact our Afterschool Director, Hayley Luckock at (214) 636-6919 or Hayley@loveworksleadership.org

Intermediate School

5th and 6th grade at Bridgestone Intermediate School
2:40-5:00pm Wednesday’s and Thursdays
1700 S Council Rd., Oklahoma City, OK 73179

Middle School

7th and 8th grade at Western Heights Middle School
2:40-5:00pm Monday’s and Tuesday’s
8345 SW 44th St., Oklahoma City, OK 73179

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