Box City

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Box City

Become an overnight advocate in action in this special night dedicated to raise awareness for homeless children in the local area! Each fall, our students will bring a box, blanket, and pillow while leaving comforts at home to join in this incredible night of fun and cause. Expect music, dancing, and making a difference in this world.

What, When, & Where

This event gives 5th-8th grade students a unique opportunity to advocate for those less fortunate while having a blast with their peers.

When: 9:00pm on Friday, Oct 20th - 8:00am Saturday, Oct 21st

Where: Parking lot of Journey Church, 3801 Journey Pkwy, Norman, OK

Homeless at Heart

Box City is our kickoff for Homeless at Heart, an initiative headed by our students to make an impact in the lives of homeless students in Cleveland County and the Oklahoma City metro. How do they help? Students collect basic essential need items and carefully pack them into decorated shoeboxes, complete with a handwritten letter of encouragement. These boxes are lovingly delivered to local schools on Valentine's Day!


This event is open for 5th grade to 8th grade students. Registration for this event is $10 and includes a late night dinner, breakfast, and a can of spray paint for our box decorating contest! Sign up for updates on this event using the button below!


Are you an adult volunteer or Chick-fil-A Leader Academy student? Click below to volunteer!

Special Box City Guests

gabriel lewis

Gabriel Lewis is a 19-year-old graduate from Putnam City North Oklahoma. Gabriel was a top contestant on Master Chef, but before being sent home, Chef Gordon Ramsay offered to pay full tuition for Gabriel to attend one of the top culinary schools in the country. Currently, Gabriel is a student at Johnson and Wales University in Denver mastering his skills before he begins his career.


Ranya Forgotson O'Connor
serves as Director of The Curbside Chronicle at the Homeless Alliance, a magazine that employs homeless and at-risk individuals in Oklahoma City. The Curbside Chronicle helps people earn a dignified income and transition into housing and on to further employment opportunities.


Marcus “Kadence” Jackson is a producer/rapper from OKC. He’s been creating music since 2001, consistently. He released a solo project entitled "Going In" in 2010, and was nominated for a Dove Award in 2009 for producing "Go Hard" on the album Rebel, by Grammy Nominated Artist, Lecrae. He now pursues community outreach and music independently in Oklahoma City with his wife and children.

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